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Anonymous More than 1 year ago As all anita blake books its awesome! Anonymous More than 1 year ago I was excited to read this series because it had it all-action, romance and the supernatural. While the story lines are interesting, I stopped after book 3 because the "romance" was leading in too many directions.

First, the character loved this guy; then, she fell for this guy and now let's add another male to the mix. I am a one-guy woman with a little side sexual tension thrown in.. Anita Blake seems wishy-washy and that doesn't make for a strong heroine. I became frustrated with Stephanie Plum and Sookie Stackhouse novels because no one can commit, similar attitudes here. Still good.

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Not a lot to say about it. If you liked the first one you'll probably like this one as well. Anita resisting Jean Claude, fighting a vudun queen, I don't know, this one has it all minus the sex that the series is known for But then again i am not a big fan of zombies. This book was about Anita being asked to bring someone that has been dead for over years back to life. At first she refuses to do that. Then she finds out that there is a human-eating zombie on the loose.

It is Anita's job to find the zombie and return him back to his coffin, without dying AND still making sure that she does not have to bring the dead guy that is over years old back to life. Anita Blake routinely raises the dead.

There can be any number of reasons for wanting to raise a recently dead person -- to clarify a will, to help in finding a murderer, to be able to finish "unfinished business" of all sorts. It takes a special skill to be able to do it, and Anita seems to have been born with an affinity with the dead.

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Raising a zombie is not the same thing as resurrecting a whole human being. The zombie is still very dead, but often in the first few moments after the raising, it is able to think and speak, which is what the main attraction is in raising them in the first place. Of course, zombies are also at the complete command of the person who raised them and they are nearly impossible to stop unless commanded by their maker. When a series of truly gruesome murders begins in the suburbs of St. Louis, Anita is called in because the murderer is almost certainly a zombie that is out of control.

She has her suspicions about who might have raised such a zombie and even though she herself doesn't consider what she does to be "voodoo," she'll be up to her neck in it before she can find her way out. Plus, much to her chagrin, she's going to have to call upon her old nemesis, Jean-Claude, the new vampire Master of the City, to help. Another very fast paced story, written with straight forward bluntness. Anita's character is starting to flesh out a little bit and we get to see a couple of her vulnerabilities.

These books are probably some of the goriest I've read in recent memory. I'm glad this is on the written page and not a movie or I'd probably get up and walk out. The story is twisted enough to be intriguing and the characters are mesmerizing -- especially Jean-Claude. Plus, I'm just fascinated by the thought of vampires running around on Laclede's Landing in St. SunnySD on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago In which a billionaire makes demands, the premier necromancer in New Orleans - not Anita yet - makes some not-so-bright decisions, and Anita discovers yet another reason for cremation after death.

Lots of blood, zombie guts and violence.

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I felt the author provided more back story. I'm looking forward to book three. I was mostly intrigued by the potential for a relationship between Anita and Jean Claude. We barely got to see Jean Claude- what we did see was gore. Anita finds lots of blood, kills lots of people and a few zombies. I don't care about zombies, only vampires, and I'm not interesting in watching Anita prove that she's tougher than everyone else ever to have existed. I guess I won't be reading any more of this series.

In this book, she is being offered a job by a wealthy millionaire to raise a year old zombie but raising this type of zombie need a human sacrifice which Anita doesn't do however big the reward may be. In the middle of that, Dolph called Anita to help with an investigation of a murdered family. Gruesome crimescreen but hope of a survivor arises.

Anita investigates and comes up with two people who are powerful enough to do something like this. One is the recent deseaced, Peter Burke, and Dominga Salvador who is a vaundun priestess. Manny arranged a meeting for Anita to interview Dominga who eventually told Anita was the old lover of her former mentor Manny.

During the interview Dominga proposed that Anita be her partner in traping zombie souls into the body without decomposing making it easier for torture but knowing Anita, she refused resulting with zombie attacking her in her own apartment which pisses her off!

Anita Blake

Further investigation Anita and John found a gris-gris that they suspected belonged to Dominga so together with the police they went to the priestess house and confronted her. With a confession of a grandson, Dominga is arrested for the zombie that did the murders. On another note, when Anita got home she was then kidnapped by Gaynors bodyguards together with his girlfriend wheelchair Wanda. Gaynor together with Dominga dictated Anita to do the ritual but still Anita refuses so Dominga did a spell that can control Anita. When Anita told Dominga the information that Gaynor didn't inform her - the dead ancestor is a fellow animator - Dominga was mad but still continued with the plan.


With a command to do a human sacrifice, Anita killed Gaynor's bodyguard instead of Wheelchair Wanda. With Anita's power including two human sacrifice, Anita was able to control every dead within her range including Jean Claude who remained the distance until every thing stopped. Anita still continued to refused Jean claude and the story still continues to book 3 - Circus of The DamnedAll in all I though this book was a great improvement with the first book. The Anita Blake series are a great read to every vampire, zombie, supernatural, creepy gruesome reader out there. Hamilton writes in a very detailed many, giving up vivid pictures that help our imagination to think of the actual story and how it goes.

It can be a slow read but every turn of the page is worth it, especially when you enjoy these kind of novels. A must to every book series collector and a guaranteed re-read everytime. Cailin on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago Anita Blake returns to fight zombies, voodoo queens, and the occasional vampire! Fun read! It's book 2 in the Anita Blake series and we learn more about her character and abilities.

Fast pace and lots of action made it hard for me to put the book down because I always wanted to know what was coming! I would definitely recommend this and am looking forward to 3! I love this series now and yes it has some steamy moments and as the series goes on it gets more so but it was great I recommend this series it was fun to read and I look for all her other books now. I also enjoy unraveling the sometimes obscure hometown references.

Like the first Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book this one was also full of action and girl-power, but I sort of missed the vampires.

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Jean-Claude and Willie had a very small part in this one. This book was more about Anita and her zombies. Maybe because the villain was so telegraphed? Not that all the villains in this series aren't relatively predictable Anita Blake is a vampire hunter. The problem was the story went off on too many tangents.

Too many storylines left the book too bloated and scattered and, for a book this long, it should have had closure to the sub plots. Instead I was left with a bunch of questions that were never answered. And you could see the ending coming a mile away. It was glaringly obvious, which is super annoying. Go to the back log and start somewhere before the series got to double digits. Unfortunately the sex scenes that actually were in the story were pretty boring or eye roll inducing. A first for me. There were more stupid and unnecessary power struggles.

Also - What the fuck?