Talons of the Valkari (The Moonflower Chronicles Book 1)

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Going on this wiki 5. All the pirates of the carabian I know I spelled it wrong movies 6. Queen Scarlet 'cause she is so cool 7. I love the tiger because it makes me feel strong 8. Blue, orange, yellow, purple 9. I love it. I was bored at the library 2. ELliot Feather the Everywing.

I am Feather the EveryWing, but you can call me Feather! I have been a member of this wiki for around the same amount of time that I have been around the canon Wings of Fire Wiki! The very image of Clay in The Dragonet Prophecy swooping magestically caught my eye in the library near me. Warriors, any Rick Riordan book, Harry Potter, etc. It's kinda of a tie between Peril, Sunny, and Whiteout. A relative recommended them Lots Lots Reading, role-playing, gaming and horribly drawing I don't have any, they are all too good!

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I will go into a long rant about candidate books, and why I can never pick. I actually was walking around the book fair and saw these two books on the shelf. I saw they were from Scholastic and that, well, why not?

Valiant Valkari : David Mason :

I bought them. Now, I read the first book so many times, it is falling apart. I found the WoF wiki because I was curious after I fell out of the series. I looked it up, and to my surprise, it had games and discussion and everything. It made me fall in love all over again and then I found this wiki since it is the sister of trhe WoF Wiki. I hope I can be on here much more often after finals. Just book series? I do love the whole Harry Potter and Percy Jackson franchise.

I don't care if these books may be considered main stream because they are really good! That was a really good teenage read. I also liked Prom and Prejudice. Another good teen read. That is all I an think of off the top of my head. I apologize if I seem too enthusiastic, but I really love the franchise. I also like Danganronpa, Persona 5, and, obviously, the classic pokemon.

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Reading, writing, being on the wiki and avoiding my HW. I love her optimisim, followed by Tsunami and Glory.

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And I will stop there before I ramble about every franchise I like. I am afraid that I will always love dogs more than any other animal. Light pink.

Renegade Valkari

If we are talking about my favorite to say in real life? Don't judge even though I probably sound like an immature kid. Brightest Night because it helped me choose Sunny as my favorite character, which was previously Glory, and I loved her whole book from the beginning to end. The conclusion to the first arc was brilliant, in my opinion. I loved the conclusion to the love triangle and made it quite realistic to me and how Sunny, regarded as the useless one and such, proved everyone wrong. I loved her book all in all. Edited by MysteriousKeeperofSecrets , December 8, MysteriousKeeperofSecrets wrote: 9.

Lyra the NightWing. Shadow hunter the Nightwing. It was acctualy my parents thinking id like it having no idea i would like it this much 2. Playing alto saxophone, reading, spending time with friends, listing to music 5. Deeefinatly a ask ur parents first movie, but 8 Mile looots of mature stuff 6. Uuhh does dragon count XD If not dog bc they r loyal and adorable 8.


I have a lot, but I wont go there. I like anime and young adult books, mainly. I like volleyball and tennis. Although I rather sit and read. Im not much of a movie person, but I liked those based on books. However, theyre a bit eh. In Wof, mainly Stonemover. Maturity is cool, and I like his bland self. Of all time, Daigo from Beyblade Burst. Edgy people are cool 7. Honestly, penguins. Theyre soooo cute! The writing is eh tho All time? Cant say so myself, but manga in general.

My hobbies are writing, trying to code stuff, and chewing on random things. My favorite characters are Darkstalker and Fathom because i can easily relate to them. I like all animals, but my favorites are ravens and horses. Quotes: Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see—Mark Twain Raise your words, not voices.

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  8. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder—Jalaluddin Rumi Nothing ends nicely, that's why it ends—Tom Cruise In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present—Francis Bacon I came, i saw, i conquered—Julius Caesar It is not truth that matters, but victory—Adolf Hitler For the greater good—Gellert Grindlewald Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens—Gimli Edited by Grudgeholderr , December 8, Edited by Bookaholic.

    Wellll, I saw the first book and decided to check it out because dragons. I love dragons. Any kind of dragon. So I got hooked on the world! Let's see!!!! I enjoy many books, maybe too many to list oof. I dance ballet on pointe! I would love to try volleyball. I enjoy Mario Kart and am the current Mario Kart champion in my family.

    That one game where you guess the location of your enemy's ship is great! Reading, writing, drawing, eating, sleeping, staying up late, chatting, math, listening to music, dancing, thinking 5. Hmmm well idk! I like Coco very much. Coco is maybe one of the best movies I have ever seen. Watch it. Um, Big Hero 6. Tonari no Totoro.

    Kiki's Delivery Service. Spirited Away. Princess Kaguya.