Infertility to Family: One Mans Story

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Causes of male infertility

These conditions can sometimes be treated with surgery. According to one study cited in a review , fathers older than 45 were nearly five times more likely to take more than a year to get their partners pregnant than men who were 45 or younger, even when their partners were under Gloria Bachmann, M. Bachmann said. But the example I like to give is comparing driving on the highway at 65 miles per hour versus 95 m. The studies cited in Dr.

The male infertility crisis: ‘My failure at fatherhood ate away at my very being’

Bachmann recommended that you consider banking your sperm before your 35th or 40th birthday. Similar strategies may hold true for men. One reason sperm counts may be dropping globally, according to Dr. Schlegel, is because of the rising rates of obesity. According to a study out of China that analyzed the sperm of more than 3, men in infertile couples, those who were classified as obese were about 1. Smoking and heavy drinking may also be factors.

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

A review of studies found that smokers were significantly more likely to have low sperm counts and sperm defects when compared with nonsmokers. And another study published in the medical journal BMJ Open found that consuming more than 25 alcoholic drinks per week was linked with much poorer sperm quality than those who had five drinks or fewer.

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In particular, men who consumed more than 40 drinks a week had a 33 percent reduction in sperm concentration compared with men who drank five or fewer drinks per week. Diet may be important, too. A Mediterranean-style diet rich in fatty fish, whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats like olive oil has been associated with better sperm quality, according to a review published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

Of course, all of these studies have important limitations, so more research is needed to confirm these associations. The first step is a careful and thorough medical history and physical exam by a urologist or fertility specialist.

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Has your wife ever been pregnant with prior partners? Is there any history of infertility in your family? Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?

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The next step is to do a semen analysis, or sperm count, which provides information about the number, shape and speed of your sperm. Your doctor will most likely order a repeat of the semen analysis about a month later. Goldstein explained. In these cases, your doctor may advise you to move straight to in vitro fertilization I.

In cases of male infertility, doctors often recommend either traditional I. Although Lisa successfully conceived via I. Pressures can mount and questions develop when a couple decides to have a baby.

Is our insurance adequate to cover the costs for the delivery? Do we need a bigger house? Where should we send our child to school? When is it time to give up and when should we look for other alternatives? Continue reading. All rights reserved.

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If you've discovered that infertility is part of your story, the pressure to conceive can be even greater. In This Series:. Infertility 2. Infertility Causes and Treatments 3. The Grief of Infertility 4.