Evil. Luomo del male (NoireGialli) (Italian Edition)

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Le notizie: istruzioni per l'uso can get now!

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If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. Le notizie: istruzioni per l'uso. Book Descriptions: News. The chick is hot, to say the least. And the action is cheesy and skeezy. No English subs but you don't need then, the film is very easy to figure out. Fun stuff. Kinski is fantastic as a U. Violent, suspensful, and loaded with action. Samson doesn't take this lying down and goes up face to face with the pirates, kicking some serious pirate ass! Grand style fun, a weird mix of the peplum and pirate genre bound to please the die hards.

With Kirk Morris and Margaret Lee. In English and widescreen.

The Deliverance of Evil

Magda Kanopka excels as an ugly scientist who kills her mentor over a beauty serum. Once she takes it, she turns into a ravishing beauty who becomes a big time international thief. Will they finally catch this criminal mastermind? Will her beauty potion hold up or will she turn into the withered old hag she was? You'll find out by buying this DVD. This version is complete and uncut, featuring the nudity usually removed from the 16mm prints. Lots of fun!!! Warren flick featuring the hateful Michael Gough as a Satanist who's nice is next in line for sacrifice.

Warren, who claimed that my Bloody Ape film was offensive, treats us to such classy images as some poor joker getting a spike in his eye, as well as a knife trailing across some woman's nipples, and makes me wonder what came first, the apple or the tree? Off a Euro import, great quality but suffering from a minor tracking problem at the bottom of the screen for the first few minutes.

Worth selling your soul for.

Problems develope when the real daughter shows back up. Don't miss this. If you're an Oliver Reed fan, this is a must.

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Maggots, bats and other indignities assault our Italian friends in this convoluted murder mystery. Ok, I'll give it a break. Starring Richard Harrison, who would go on to do a slew of Spaghetti Westerns there after. Here he plays a James Bond inspired spy who is out to locate a missing soviet scientist before the soviets themselves find him.

Plot and counter plot, this film has twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat. Off a georgeous euro DVD complete with English soundtrack. Can you ask for anything more?

Black Sabbath (1963)

Helmut Berger is excellent as Dorian, loving them and leaving them both men and women , and causing all sorts of misery with his rotten self indulgence. Herbert Lom is the ellitest pig who corrupts him. The footage of Lom soaping up Helmuts back in the shower has to be seen to be believed.

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Only in the sixties could you do exploitation films and family fare like The Pink Panther. Uncut off a Greek master in English with Greek subs. A You woman returns to the town that her mother had drowned in many years before. Whenever this young lady has sex with one of the towns people, they end up dead a short time later. Is she killing them, or is it her mother returning from the grave. Lots of nudity, simulated sex, and violence will hold your attention. All the sex, violence and nudity you come to expect from Italian cinema.

A psychic and her two lesbian friends end up at the house of a psychotic female painter and her equally disturbed son. Before you can say "stabbed in the crotch", the crazed painter has begun seducing and murdering her house guests. This movie is exploitation from start to finish, loaded with nudity and violence.

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How can you go wrong with that?! With Spanish horror fave Mirta Miller. In Spanish with English subtitles. Richard Harrison stars as a gladiator fighting for life and love in blood strewn Rome. Directed by Mario Corbucci, a master in the genre. The Macgregors chase off a hideous Mexican bandit who's been terrorizing the community.

Ennio Morricone did the music. Letterboxed, but in Italian! Turns out the clue to the hiding spot is in a Goya painting that already has several duplicates. Tough case, you bet, but Mickey can swim with the best of them. Buy the premise, buy the flick! To make things worth, additional dead bodies have been found in the castle and they have been drained of blood. Sounds like faul play to me! Another in the series of gothic thrillers that Italy was churning out at the time. This is certainly one of the rarer ones. In Italian with Englisg subtitles. Fun stuff!

24 Hours of Terror (1964)

The movie they are supposed to be making is about a comic strip hero called Sexy Cat, and the killer wears the Sexy Cat outfit when it kills Directed by Julio Tebenero. Letterboxed, In English with Turkish subtitles.

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  4. This is the uncut version of Massacre at Central High that was released in italy with hardcore sex scenes inserted. For those in the know Massacre at Central High is a revenge against school bullies fantasy that has becaome a cult classic as the years have moved on since it was made. Hence you get a film like this. What makes this even more of a treat is that it's in English, the universal language of love. So grab it up before Cinefear pulls the plug.