Edward James Lennox: Builder of Toronto

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Even after retiring, Lennox maintained his prominent position among Toronto architects. He made use of his knowledge and experience as a member of the Toronto Transit Commission from to In , when he was 77 and Ontario passed legislation requiring every architect to pass certification exams, Lennox took the exam and passed.

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He died in at the age of Massey Mausoleum — Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Lennox was responsible for the designs of more than 70 buildings in the City of Toronto, many of which are important urban landmarks. Rise to Fame Old City Hall by Wikimedia Commons In the beginning of the s, Lennox was working mainly on smaller projects, but his reputation was growing, and in , he won a contract for Toronto City Hall Before starting to work on the Old City Hall, Lennox visited many major cities on the eastern coast of North America and studied their city halls and other important government buildings.

In those years, the most prevailing modern American architectural style was Richardson Romanesque, founded by Henry Hobson Richardson from Boston.

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Lennox did not directly mention the name of H. The plant operated until February 15, when Ontario Hydro decided to supply the town with hydro-electric power from the Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations in Queenston instead.

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In , the powerhouse was designated a National Historic Site of Canada. He was already in his 50s, and his mansion was one of the last works he produced. His room residence was built on three acres of land in the shadows of Casa Loma where he enjoyed his retirement after giving up his practice in Increasing Housing Market Demand in March.

CASA LOMA VISIT including Queen's Own Rifles Museum

Photo of the Day — Green Roof. For Gooderham and confederates, Lennox modified and augmented the design for the King Edward Hotel , originally prepared by prominent Chicago architect Henry Ives Cobb Both are characteristic of Lennox's free-wheeling approach to architecture. Of the 40 or so known works by Lennox that have not been mentioned, the following extant examples should be noted: the Massey Manufacturing Company Office Building, King Street West.

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